CAPTURED by Catherine Mae Martinez


Like a flower that butterfly likes to stay

Like a tree that bat loves to hang

Like an ocean that fish wants to swim

That’s who I am that’s wanting You still


Even though I will use a telescope to have a glimpse of You

Even though I want to use an airplane to follow you

And operate a yacht to find you

Still you already saw me because You captured me by your grace.<3



Smile.Love.Live life to the fullest.These are the words that keeps on reminding me of what are the things that I need to do in my life.Time flies so fast.I can’t imagine the young Cathy-that’s me.Now I am totally a woman and mature to handle life’s adventures.One year and 3 months of being a young professional is not that easy.I always seek God’s presence.Having an intimate relationship with God is not easy.You have to exert an effort and always fight for it(everyday is a battle).But God already won the victory-That’s what I am holding on always.His LOVE never fails,it never gives up on me.I am captured by HIS UNENDING GRACE.:).

I will sing forever of your love,

Cathy Mae :).


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