Tag-iya sa Tanan:)

Sukad pa sa sinugdanan

Ikaw lang ang walay kakawang

GIbuhagay mo ang imong gugma sa kalibutan

Apan dyutay ra ang nakaila kanimo,Ginoo ug Hari sa tanan


Gigakos sa katawhan ang kahamugaway sa kalibutan

Nalimtan na ang dakong gugma nga angay pasalamatan

Nalup-itan ug nagkaanam ug kahanap ang pagtoo sa katawhan

Apan imong gi-agak ug gitaga-an ug paglaum bisan dili angayan


Bisan sa kagamay sa butang angay kang pasalamatan

Hilabi na ang pinakadako nga sakripisyo nga imong gitagana ug gihalad

May kinabuhi man o wala sa kalibutan

Angay nga among timan-an ug puy-an nga IKAW ang tag-iya sa tanan:)


Let faith arise.I always declare and apply it in my life.Even though it is not easy but I really believe that once you live your life by FAITH with God, everything will just follow.All we have to do is fight for it by trusting God and not our own capabilities. Yesterday,I read again the book that was given to me by Kuya Paul-(Papa bear and the Campus Director of LifeBox-Cebu).The title of the book is 2 Live 4 by Ryan Dobson.I just want to highlight this line from his book;

“FAITH is an unshakable assurance- not that life will be comfortable, but that life will be hard AND good.”

Instead of worrying,be secured and confident because we have a BIG God-THE OWNER OF EVERYTHING.Following and obeying Him is difficult.Knowing God more is not by simply reading books about Him but by letting Him live with you and experience His unending love.The bridge from intellect to experience is FAITH.

Last thought and I want us to remember this:

“Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see.”- HEBREWS 11:1 🙂


Forever thankful,

Catherine Mae Martinez (inspired of composing Visayan poem because of the one WHO created me)


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