Camotes,the place I call my home:)

“And when we get home, I know we won’t be home at all” – lyrics from the song Franklin by Paramore

It has been five years and I have not realized that I have been living in Cebu for this long. Last night,before I went to bed I thought of going back to my home town. It is one of my wishes for this year. I do not know exactly when but perhaps sooner would be a good thing. There are somethings that I miss about my town, the comfort, the peaceful  feeling and the sea breeze whipping pass my face. There is really nothing like home, no matter how many times you  change your hair, your clothes but you always find your way back home.

Who would have thought that this little island is one of the most sought out islands, nowadays. It is so humbling to know that I came from this island and I’m very proud of it. You want to know why people love to visit my home? So let’s take a glimpse of it by unveiling the history about this island.

Knowing Camotes Island. This little island has 4 towns namely: San Francisco, Poro (my place) , Tudela and Pilar.

Sweet potatoes. That’s where this island supposedly gets its name from.

San Francisco’s Beaches, cave and lake (<3<3<3)

Santiago Bay Resort. This is the first beach that I’d tried to visit. I enjoyed the white sand and the affordable accomodation and food. Good thing that it was a workshop so meaning it was for free.:) This  place is best for family bonding. People can do a lot of activities here like volleyball,swimming, running, etc.

little boracay

Mangodlong Paradise Beach Resort.  The time that I visited here, everything was perfect in my eyes. I never thought that we have a paradise here in our small island. I could still remember the very first time I tried surfing (scary). I also love the  small islet in the middle of the beach.

low tide at that tiem souce: google

the islet in the middle.source:

These two beautiful and crystal like water beach resorts are located in San Francisco, Camotes Island.

Timubo Cave. As far as I could remember,It was summer, around four in the afternoon that I experienced the coldness of the water in this cave with my cousins. We stayed there for an hour only. But indeed, It was the best hour of our lives ever.

the entrance :).souce:

tempting water. source:

Lake Danao. I can describe this place in one word; AMAZING. Up until now, I always thank God that we have this lake in our island. This is a gift from above. This is simply one of the living Eden.

the whole view of the lake ( )

The whole view of the lake

you will be welcomed by this. (

The floating cottage where  you and your family or friends can eat. (

The floating cottage where you and your family or friends can eat.

The boat is ready for kayaking. (

The boat is ready for kayaking.

Poro’s best. I am very proud to be a Porohanon. Even though we do not have beautiful beaches  and caves, but we have beautiful hotel and a very unique Buho Rock Resort. Here are the Pictures below.

My Little Island Hotel .The first and only hotel in our island which is located in our town, Poro,Cebu.

front of the hotel. (

front of the hotel.

Back of the hotel where you cans ee the swimming pool.  (

Back of the hotel where you can see the swimming pool.

Buho Rock Resort. I am really afraid of heights but because I want to face my fear, I completely rock Buho Rock Resort through diving. I agree that this is truly the best place for an adventure in swimming. Still located in my town (I am so proud of that.<3)

Bird's eye view shot. (

Bird’s eye view shot.

Unique place to chill and bond with family and friends. (

Unique place to chill and bond with family and friends.

Wait, I want you to know that we have Waterfalls in our town.

Panganuron Falls. I was six years old at that time when I first experience waterfalls. This is far from the main town. You have to hike for a couple of kilometers to reach the place.

located in Libertad,Poro Camotes. (My home) (

located in Libertad,Poro Camotes. (My home)

Tudela’s Cave

Bukilat Cave. This cave was used as a shelter by the Japanese during World War II. This cave is breathtakingly beautiful on a high tide when the water flows in. The water in the cave flows out to the sea. Until today, the people are still constantly searching for the lost buried treausures, hidden during the second world war. It has been rumored to be hidden in this area.

Perfect creation. (

Perfect creation.

you can really say WOW. (

you can really say WOW.

My life in the island was so simple. I can even eat though I do not have money in my pocket  because we have vegetables and fruits around the place.  But the one thing that I miss about my island is the little Cathy( me) who played hide and seek and who used to laughed with her friends.

No matter how the distance I may be from my home, no matter how many times I leave but in the end I can always find my home and I can always find a home in Camotes.



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