He never fails :)

Embracing the coldness of the wind

Thanking you, for you are always by my side

In every trial you teach me how to fight

In fighting, I learn how to live my life


Seeking You is knowing you more

I want to see your face and up above I will soar

I need not to have wings because you already lifted me high

Because you are my strength and in your mantle I shall lay my life.


You are worthy to be praised

People must know how to love you

I am starting to rest in your presence

Because you are my hope, my God that never fails.


Steadfast love. Everyday, I always thank God for letting me experience His steadfast love. Through my family, friends and even the tiny little things, I don’t want it to pass without thanking Him. All that I have right now is not mine and even what you have is not yours. Whatever you say, we don’t have anything in this world. Money? Clothes? I am sorry to tell you but everything that we have right now is not ours. All of these are from God. That is why without Him, We are totally nothing. He can even stop you from breathing but God did not do that because He first loved us and will forever love us(That is for real). We are not worthy to be loved. It is really humbling to realize that we have a humble, loving, provider, amazing, protector,  father, best friend, our hope and most of all we have a God who owns EVERYTHING. 🙂

Reminded by this verse .:

Give thanks to the LORD, for he is good; his love endures forever. (1 Chronicles 16:34)












4 thoughts on “He never fails :)

  1. “I WILL NEVER FAIL YOU!” those words from GOD are so comforting
    We should rest in his love. Only in him,JESUS.
    tHANKS cath, for the encouragement. 😀

    • yeah.,Only God can do that in our entire lives.Thanking Him everyday is not enough but because God is our main focus, He is already pleased through watching our hearts.:)/.mwaaah*-) zai2.,:)

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